ENTRY COLLECTION including carnaub wax

  • The set for the connoisseur with our products for intensive paintwork and tire care
  • All care products and accessories in a thick-walled bag with a price advantage compared to the individual products, including care manual
  • The products are organized and ready to hand in the car or at home
  • Please select the appropriate wax type

These products are included in your Entry Collection:

  • 1x wax according to selection 50 ml
  • 1x Cleaner Fluid Regular 250 ml
  • 1x Cleaner Fluid Strong 100 ml
  • 1x Car Bath 100ml
  • 1x Lotus Speed ​​250 ml
  • 1x Wheel Spray Forte 250 ml
  • 1x tire 250 ml
  • 1x cloth applicator
  • 1x sponge applicator
  • 1x Micro-Fluffy Anthracite / Red
  • 1x Micro-Fluffy anthracite / anthracite
  • 1x Entry Collection Bag for storage